Taxes Done Right

Many life decisions have a financial impact on your tax burden. We help you evaluate items to increase your tax knowledge and use tax incentives to empower your life decisions.

Tax laws are becoming increasingly complex, and with the complexity more opportunities are opening up for individual tax filers. With these changes, tax management has become so much more than filing your tax return each year. This is something that should be pre-planned, extensively strategized, and thoughtfully executed; not rushed during tax time.

Personal Tax Solutions

Previous tax return review.

We electronically file your return online and process direct deposit of refunds.

We will evaluate possible deductions to limit next year’s tax liability and inform you of commonly overlooked deductions… and the deductions you think you can receive, but do not qualify for.

We review your completed tax return prior to submission to the IRS. Once to identify potential problems that would alert the IRS, and again to check the math & data inputs.

An in-depth tax interview.

Amended return filing for previous years, as necessary.

Annual tax planning and projections throughout the year.

Estimated payment and withholding calculations.

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